Don on Driving

Traffic collisions seem to be a major cause of serious injuries to the patients of Pacific West Chiropractic in Hillsboro, Oregon.  While I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, I feel that I may be able to throw out some reminders that will hopefully lead readers to drive a little more safely.

My driving experience starts with my father who was a Portland Firefighter who drove a fire engine for 13 years.  When 16, my parents made me get private driving lessons.  For the next few years I thought I was a race car driver, hence my own driving practices taught me lessons both good and bad. The professional jobs I held over the subsequent years gave me quite a bit of additional driver trainer over what the average driver might receive.  In the Marine Corps I was trained as Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue Specialist.  I took an Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (required if you were to drive a vehicle where lights and sirens were to be used).  I also took a 40hr A/S 32 P-19 operators course where I learned to drive a 17 ton 4x4 fire engine in extreme conditions both on and off road. I was additionally trained to drive a 36 ton P-26 water tender and a Grove RT990 90ton rough terrain crane. In order to drive a motorcycle on base, I was required to take the Marine Corps motorcycle safety training course.  While in the training office at Crash Fire Rescue, I wrote and instructed a 40 hour P-26 driver and operator course.  After my time in the Marine Corps, I graduated from the Oregon Police Academy where I received an additional week long course in driver’s safety and police vehicle operations.  I have received a certification through PCC (Portland Community College) to be an ambulance operator and while volunteering at Forest Grove Fire passed their Emergency Vehicle Operators Course. 

I hope to do periodic blogs that talk about important subjects relating to driving; such as defensive driving, drinking and driving, sleepy driving, distracted driving, angry driving, and just plain stupid driving.  I hope a few people will find this of some use.

Until next time…