Our Staff

  • Janelle
    Patient Account Manager & Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

    Janelle loves helping those in pain feel better.  She believes that chiropractic care is a safe and healthful way to help these people.  Janelle first visited a chiropractor at age 13 to prevent later back problems.  A few years later Janelle had a life-threatening motor vehicle collision from which she had to be extricated and life-flighted.  Since her motor vehicle accident, Janelle has found chiropractic care to be extremely beneficial in reducing her pain and improving range of motion.  

    Janelle’s primary duty is to support the patients and the Doctor to ensure the best injury management possible.  She also manages Tommy and the CA team, does all patient billing, insurance billing, social media and numerous office tasks.  Janelle has become a leader and invaluable member of the Pacific West Chiropractic team.   

    As a mother Janelle understands the joys and challenges motherhood can bring; this allows Janelle to be more understanding and better assist many of our patients.

  • Tommy
    Billing and Office Assistant

    Thomas is the son of the clinic owner.  Tommy is currently enrolled at PCC working towards his future dreams.  His goal is to become a Fire Fighter like his father and grand-father, a Marine Corps Officer (father was enlisted) or a Navy Officer (grandfather was enlisted).  To work toward these goals he is taking general studies and applying to the EMT-Paramedic/Fire Science Program at PCC.  Prior to graduating from Century High School, Tommy had completed the Liberty High School Fire Science program.  Thomas was also a youth member of Young Marines for 8 years and retired from the national youth program as a Young Marine Gunnery Sergeant.  Since graduation, Thomas has continued volunteering with Tualatin Valley Young Marines as a Registered Adult Platoon Leader.

    Thomas volunteered to work at the family business to support Janelle and allow her the time off she will need as she starts raising her family.  Tommy had suffered a temporarily disabling work injury while working at a previous employer.  This injury, along with various sports injuries from playing football, lacrosse, track, and participating in Martial Arts (Aikido, MMA, Tae-kwon-do and Brazilian Ju-jitsu) has allowed this young man to better understand the large impact a 'minor' injury can have on one's life.  He has felt the frustration of others not believing his injury and being unable to enjoy the activities he once was able to participate in pain free.  After his recovery Tommy experienced a motor vehicle collision causing new pain and symptoms which demonstrate how fast lives can be changed and allowed the whole clinic a recent opportunity to experience the patients perspective.

  • Don
    Practice Manager, Chiropractic Assistant

    Don was exposed to Chiropractic at a young age when his mother, who was suffering from a serous neurological disorder, was given relief during her care with her chiropractic physician. Don has a broad background in emergency services.  Including having served in the United States Marine Corps with a Crash, Fire, Rescue (Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting) military occupational specialty.  Don has completed many emergency service certifications; including vehicle extrication and stabilization (to assist victims of serious motor vehicle accidents).  In addition, Don, has worked in several health clubs and is knowledgeable in fitness related issues.  Don’s wife is a Chiropractic Physician and he helped her found Pacific West Chiropractic.  Don is also the founder and Unit Commander of Tualatin Valley Young Marines, the Hillsboro unit of a national youth organization.