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Pacific West Chiropractic 

Massage therapy can be both relaxing and therapeutic with demonstrated health benefits.  Our therapists work closely with our physician to create an integrated care model.  If you have questions or would like to schedule your massage, please call our office at 971-317-0883. 

Car Accidents

In motor vehicle collisions (MVC), soft tissues, which include skin, fat, muscle, and other soft structures, over wide areas of the body can be injured and traumatized.  Massage therapy has the ability to aid in reducing swelling and inflammation from damaged tissues, making cells become healthier by facilitating the removal of waste products from the damaged cells. Massage therapy improves blood flow to the damaged tissues, carrying the nutrients the cells need to repair and heal from an injury. Sore, tight, inflamed muscles will limit range of motion, increasing pain and disability. Medical massage therapy can aid in the bodies healing process and help to reduce pain and dysfunction.    

Sport Injury and performance

Massage therapy can speed recovery from sports injuries as well as maximize athletic potential by ensuring optimal movement, reducing myofascial restrictions, and reducing muscle tension and imbalances.  Having a professional team with extensive knowledge in the care of athletic injuries will minimize recovery time.

Work Injuries

Unfortunately, injury on the job can happen.   At Pacific West Chiropractic, our goal is to get our patients "back into the game of life" with minimal long term disability.  We realize employers are also affected by these injuries. Their most valuable asset, their employees, are difficult to replace and expensive to train. Getting our patients healthy and back to work as quickly as medically possible is beneficial to our patients, their families, their employers and our community. We take this responsibility seriously and put our best effort into facilitating a speedy recovery. Massage therapy and chiropractic care can reduce lost time and minimize later dysfunction and disability.


Our daily lives tend to be filled with schedules, stress and deadlines. The distress we all experience everyday can take its toll in our relationships, recreation, family time, work performance and overall health.  Allowing oneself to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic massage can help mitigate these life stressors and the potential harmful effects of long term distress.

We are currently not accepting private health insurance for massage therapy, however, we have competitive rates for time of service and will bill personal injury cases.

If you prefer a male massage therapist we can highly recommend Bryan Andrade, who is also in Hillsboro.  We have a long relationship with Bryan Andrade, LMT and he has proven himself to be very capable and well liked by our patients.