Meet the Therapists

  • Dawni
    Licensed Massage Therapists

    Dawni began her path to be a massage therapist after her husband passed away from cancer. When she witnessed how much massage helped him during hospice with his pain relief and relaxation, more so even than doctor prescribed medicine, she knew that she wanted to provide that to others. It has driven her to focus on helping bring pain relief to people suffering from chronic illnesses, personal injury, and debilitating pain.

    As a graduate from Oregon School of Massage, Dawni focused on learning techniques to help those at end of life, living with cancer and chronic illnesses, as well as those dealing with the common stresses of life. Due to the experiences of managing injuries she sustained because of a motor vehicle accident and dealing with chronic back pain and headaches herself, she is passionate about providing pain relief to those in need.

    When Dawni isn’t working, she is reading, knitting, (she once knit a dissected frog at a friend’s request), and playing video games. Sometimes she even chases her 5 cats around the house when they steal her yarn and make yarn art. She likes to say that she is pretty boring and prefers to live vicariously through the stories of others.

  • Lena
    Licensed Massage Therapist

    Lena's father contracted polio at age 6 which left both of his feet crippled.  She witnessed, through him, the devastating effects from a dysfunctional gait secondary to polio and what role it plays with the hip and spine.  This, in combination with her own personal experiences and injuries, ignited her interest in the healing arts, especially massage therapy.

    The first formal training Lena received in massage therapy was at East West College here in Portland in the mid 90’s. After completing partial training, she took what was intended to be a short break…then life happened.  However, the desire she had to become a massage therapist never diminished.  Lena made her way back to massage therapy, more mature and with a deeper understanding of her patient’s needs.  

    It is important to Lena to provide a fluid massage; one that is both blissful and therapeutic, often including that “sweet pain” that effects change in muscle tension and fascial restrictions.

    Lena's favorite part of this career is when clients tell her how much better they are feeling after receiving a massage.  The effects of massage, especially when combined with chiropractic care, can be dramatic.

    She finds that a mix of techniques is often more beneficial then utilizing a single technique (modality).  Modalities often included in her massage routine:
    • Swedish
    • Deep Tissue
    • Myofascial Release
    • Trigger Point
    • Pin and Stretch
    • Foot Reflexology